What your “No” campaign really says to a Queer Christian

I didn’t think this plebiscite (postal vote) would bother me personally. I didn’t think it’d hit me emotionally in a personal way. I’ve been (and am) so fearful for those who are closeted, or unsupported, or children, or people of faith… Why?

All the lies and unrelated anti-Queer campaign material aside, do you know what your “Support Traditional Marriage” signs and message say to a queer person? Especially a Christian one?

From this side they read:

  • “You are not okay” and
  • “You are not welcome here.”

They say “there is something wrong with you”, they say “you are a threat to our society”, they say “you are a danger to our children”, and they also say “you are going to hell.”

Some in the “no” camp believe all of the above. Others literally just want to protect their understanding of “traditional” marriage.

But you know what? It doesn’t matter to the Queer person reading it or hearing it – to us they all say “you are not okay.”

If it is a kick in the guts and a trigger for shame to me – an accepted, supported, out and loved Queer person – what impact is it having on that closeted Queer fifteen year old in your congregation?

Being queer is hard. Being Christian can be hard. Being a Queer Christian or person of faith? That can be a NIGHTMARE.

Careful with your words. 

Have your vote, vote as you see fit, but please, for the love of all that will see or hear them, please be careful with your words.

And for those who are Queer and a person of faith? You are okay. You are loved. You are not a threat to society, and you are not going to hell. Your existence is as natural and acceptable as any non-Queer person, and you should be allowed to marry one day should you so desire. Despite what’s being said, Christians (nor Jews) invented marriage and they do not have sole ownership over such unions or covenants. 

Peace be with you all.

Johansen X


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