It’s going to be messy

In my desire to start this collection of writings, one of the first hurdles that I’m having to overcome is the knowledge that it is going to be messy. There is no way around it.

Life is messy. Ideas are messy. Communication is messy.

There is a relationship that exists between reader and writer. Even in the age of spell checks, editing abilities, and room for endless clarification, any kind of sharing of ideas – as with every kind of relationship – is bound to be messy. I have no control how you will interpret, understand or respond to what I have to say. Yet, despite the discomfort, I am willing to forgo that control in this space, because what I choose to write is important to me, and maybe, just maybe, pieces of it may in some way be of use to you.

I think the secret to being able to write despite the inevitable “mess” is in accepting  its inevitability and appreciating that in its own way, messy can be beautiful. Beauty can be found in the realness; in the act of sharing personal revelations and learnings and in hoping that others may be able to take something of use from them for themselves (and simply leave what does not resonate).

I like my life to be in neat, ordered boxes. I like everything to have its own special place in the day, and I often struggle when I need to reshuffle or make changes to my default routine. From minor discomfort to major melt-down, change and I have a difficult relationship. Despite his,  I often choose to make changes to accommodate other things that I want to do or that I consider important. By doing so I create time to see friends that are precious to me, visit loved ones who are in care or can’t get about so easily, take up new opportunities to contribute to the world around me, try new activities like going to a festival or camping, or even seemingly tiny things like experiencing walking out doors at a different time of day (it is amazing how the sun shines differently, different wildlife shows up and “hellos” are exchanged with a different group of fellow walkers; all things I would never have noticed if I stuck rigidly with my regular time).

So, like the rest of my life I am hear by simultaneously declaring and accepting that this writing process and these writings will be messy, and that is just A-Okay with me. You? You are welcome to come and take or leave just as much as you like.

I hope that you can embrace your own mess, too.


Copyright,, 2016


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